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Dixon Atod Coalition

Working Together To Live Drug Free


The mission of the ATOD Program is to educate students about the potential negative consequences of drug and alcohol use and or abuse. Through innovative programming, peer education, campus outreach, and community collaborations, the ATOD Program serves to create a harm-free environment in which students can achieve their academic goals and acquire skills necessary for life-long success. 

Working Together
  • Identifying current attitudes and perceptions surrounding underage ATOD use and access within Dixon Community.

  • Publicizing efforts being made concerning underage ATOD use and access within Dixon.

  • Supporting schools, businesses, and other organizations in our City by providing technical assistance and resources for underage chemical use prevention.

  • Cooperating with local efforts to educate and influence attitudes for positive changes on underage ATOD use.

  • Work in collaboration with local, state, and federal government to enhance the quality of life through  Underage ATOD Prevention Stragies.

Take a

Lets make our Community Drug Free

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